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I remember when I was younger my Grandmother, brother and myself use to come home from church everyday around 9 ( at my grandmother's church we went everyday, it was very strict) and my brother and I would go and change from our clothes to our pajamas, while my Grandmother made us hot chocolate and toast and made herself was a tradition. Then we would all meet in the kitchen, watching her pour our coco in coffee cups...we wanted to feel "grown up," then taking our toast and coffee cups in the living room, which was still dark until my brother would sit down his stuff and turn the television on, which would lighten the room and make me feel safe. My Grandmother would then change the channel to I Love Lucy and we would spend the rest of the night laughing. Grandma would be laughing so hard she would be in tears, thats how I like remembering my past. Those late nights watching I love Lucy with the two people that meant the most to me, dipping my toast in my hot coco (okay I know thats weird). Thanks for letting me share.
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