B.J. (pittydirl) wrote in i_heart_lucy,

Mary Wick

Just like every huge I Love Lucy fan, I love different tid bits of trivia about the show. On the episode "The Ballet," the ballet instructor is played by Mary Wick who in real life was Lucy's neighbor and good friend for many years. Anyway, Mary Wick also played one of the nuns on Sister Act! She played Mary Lazarus, I believe. She was kind of a "tough" nun, so to speak, the one who directed the choir before Whoopi stepped in. Anyway, I just thought that was interesting. :) Mary Wick also went with Lucy to see Vivian Vance right before she died of breast and bone cancer in 1979.
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Mary Wickes also played a nun in The Trouble With Angles and Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows as well as Sister Act 2